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wake up america


“It’s weird for me to think that every time i see you It’s like im meeting you for the first time and no Im not just saying that to get an awe To fulfill the cliches that get thrown around Sometimes it scares me I look at you and have to remind myself that you are the girl i gave my heart to not just another person ive shared my art to I want to make art with you In every form I want to paint kitchen walls with you Sing our favourite songs out of tune Even write poems with you. You know, our eyes are more powerful than our shaking hands could ever be so that being said, i want to paint the sky with you We’ll lay in the grass, our eyes will be the brushes, our minds can be the paint And when you’re feeling blue it will help remind you that not everything is meant to be one colour. It scares me. I wonder if i have a brain tumour Or if im literally losing my mind, losing memory of the first time i saw you No The first time i saw you the feelings that coursed up and down my statued body, could never amount to any written love poem though ive tried The first time i saw you i remember looking into your eyes as you said hi and i saw my reflection Right then i knew that it was you i wanted to be with I could see myself with you, Within you, i saw you looking at me looking at you and i didnt want to look away Your smile drew me in Your smile was like rope wrapped around my skin, holding me in place so i couldnt leave, i couldnt look away Your smile holding me so tightly the compression slowly disminishing my depression, stitching scars into my skin so tightly that the pieces of my heart had no more room to stay apart so they were forced to be whole And let me tell you It was the best way to get rope burn You left the most beautiful scars that unfortunately you will never get to see but if you lay here with me i can tell you the stories behind them because I remember how you made me feel How you make me feel. Sometimes it scares me when i look at you and feel the need to introduce myself I know you already know my name so i dont talk Just look Just listen. I’ve convinced myself that i meant im introducing you to all the parts inside my war torn body I just want you to know that my body is not a temple It doesnt follow the rules of physics It’s a universe traced with stars and planets and different infinities that race from one end to another My body has countries placed within it There are boarders that i don’t just let anyone cross. It scares me because you managed to get by security when you passed the boarder with drugs and entered my heart You have me drugged You give the most radiant high Make me forget all my problems You flow through my veins Id rather drink wine from your collarbones than any 25 oz bottle And if i had to be in rehab for 10 years i know where i’d find myself when i got out I would fly to new york city Find you and keep you with me Because I cant get enough Sometimes it scares me That one day i will memorize the taste of your lips, the softness of your cheeks, the curves to your hips, the trembles of your knees, the sweetness of your name Ill know then that nothing else will be the same It scares me how i love that nothing else will be the same Its okay that nothing else will be the same You’ve ingrained your name into my throat All i taste is how it rolls off my tongue I feel as if everyone is hoping that id shut up because it seems that you are all that ever comes out of my mouth Its seems like a bad thing sometimes It scares me because i know its not And i know it’s not because now every swallow is easier to push down, every breath is something i can look forward to Because of you I get scared a lot but because of you You show me reasons not to be with every flutter of your eyes its like how the sky holds the moon in space You hold me in place and sometimes i shrink and my edges become sharp But you know my intentions are still pure so you hold me tighter It scares me But i’d be a liar if i said i didn’t like it.”

— For my love

Special Agent Dana Scully

PokéHalloween: Day 18 - A Pokemon with an object
They needed Pokepuffs for the Halloween party.

Ida Klamborn





This is one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen.